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Palin to North Korea for travel series

After travelling across North Korea with a camera crew, former Monty Python star Michael Palin is hosting a television travel series about the rogue nation. As uncertainty dogs an upcoming summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, Michael Palin travels the length and breadth of the Asian nation in a new travel series for Viacom's UK network Channel 5. The former Monty Python star, seen recently in The Death of Stalin, was on the ground in North Korea when Kim met his South Korean counterpart, Moon Jae-In. The series captured the reactions of ordinary people as news of the meeting filtered through the country. Channel 5 said Palin also visited "sites and locations rarely, if ever, explored" in North Korea, and takes in the country's May Day celebrations. The series, Michael Palin in North Korea, took two years to plan. The trip to the secretive country comes as it continues to make headlines globally, largely because of concerns about its nuclear program and military capabilities. The North Koreans and the US have traded barbs even as their leaders are set to meet June 12 in Singapore. "To visit North Korea was an opportunity I couldn't turn down," Palin said.

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BBC - Travel - In South Korea, age is measured in bowls of soup

The link between tteokguk and Seollal was first recorded in the mid-1800s in a book of Korean customs called the Dongguk Sesigi. But as far as I could determine, the original connection between this soup and growing older was a mystery – on any other day of the year, a bowl of tteokguk is nothing more than a good lunch. Dr Yoon thought the tradition was probably much older than the Dongguk Sesigi record; rice cake alone has been a staple of Korean cuisine for more than 2,000 years. View image of Dr Yoon: “The long rope is for longevity. The slices are shaped like coins for wealth. And the white colour represents purity” (Credit: Credit: Samuel Bergstrom) “The process of making tteokguk is simple,” Dr Yoon said, gesturing to our sparse ingredient list. “But making the rice cake is not.” Exhibits at the Institute’s Tteok Museum showed the task was historically difficult and, by necessity, communal. Men and women took turns wielding heavy stone hammers or wooden tools to pound glutinous rice flour and water into dough. The labour was shared by the community, so everyone could benefit from the results.

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